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Game Preserver

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Game Juice is the world’s FIRST and ONLY cleaning solution specifically designed for video games! 
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What is Game Juice?
Game Juice is a proprietary specially designed cleaning solution formulated specifically to work with the metal alloys used in video game cartridges and system connectors.  It helps fight against the types of wear, oxidation and corrosion that occur from use, the environment and aging.   

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As games and hardware age, it becomes increasingly more difficult to maintain them.  Game Juice's premium formula keeps games working and preserves them for future playing and enjoyment. Game Juice makes cleaning video game cartridges and consoles easy!

There’s probably a lot of spit in your game cartridges…

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our Products Don't Blow
The superior, butt kicking cleaning formula is easy to use and safe on your precious retro hardware.  Alcohol and other DIY home remedies work fine...Game Juice works best!
Preserve your games for generations
oh yeah and Corrosion!

Jack Rabbit Gamer

Game Juice is the new and easy solution to solve all your problems!  I received this package from a new company the other day! It’s a new cleaning solution for cart based games. I’d like to thank Ted and the team at Game Juice! I’ve already done a few games and the results are amazing. No more erasers, no more rubbing alcohol. Just spray use the qtip and dry! If you want something new and safe for your collection, give this a try!! It’s hassle free and I 100% recommend it!

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The NintenDoc

I finally got around to cleaning the latest additions to my collection.  Instead of my usual cocktail of rubbing alcohol, erasers and contact cleaner, I have been using Game Juice!! I could go on and on about the product, but actions speak louder than words!!  The results truly speak for themselves!!  Game Juice has fast become an essential tool to keep my collection in tip-top physical and working condition for generations to come!! Huge thank you to Ted and the team at Game Juice. 

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