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Hi Gamers,
This is Ted Edwards aka the TEDATOR, streamer, fellow gamer and founder of Game Juice.  I have spent the last couple weeks in an emotional haze and deep contemplation.  I have had the time to synthesize as much as I can and formulate some thoughts.  As you know, I am a black man in an industry that is predominately white.  I’ve been a part of our community since the 80’s and before gaming was “cool”.  Like most of you I am saddened and deeply disturbed by the heinous acts of police brutality by the Minneapolis Police department in the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man as well as Breonna Taylor, Trevon Martin and countless other unarmed African-Americans.  I have also been a part of the Minneapolis community during my time living there and working for the Minnesota Vikings.  My heart goes out to the people of Minnesota and all cities around America who have been grieving over the last few months.  But this has not been only the last few months, this has been something that has been going on for hundreds of years.  
The positive protests and activism that has been galvanized by these most recent tragedies is an amazing site.  I don’t condone any violence in response to the police nor do I support those who hurt members of our community with looting and vandalism, but the overarching response the people of our nation have shown, gives me some hope in humanity – "enough is enough".  That message rings true for all social injustices we are facing – poverty, racial, sexual and gender discrimination all need to be eradicated because "enough is enough".
We need to actively support and participate in change RIGHT NOW during and through the unrest that our world is facing.   I myself have been victim to countless forms of discrimination only to hold it in because of fear violence, law enforcement, hidden racism in the system or simply the fear of losing the ground that I worked so hard to gain in all of my endeavors.  I have started companies with the message of bringing change to the world through video games, but now is the time to simply bring change to the world.  We must do this together.  I will use every available resource at hand to make this happen and I will actively support those who need it.  No longer will our voices and pleas go unheard.  No longer will we tolerate discrimination because that’s just the way things are.  I hope you will join everyone in this quest to make our world a safer and better place. 
Ted Edwards
Inventor and Founder – Game Juice®
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