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“There’s got to be a better way…”

Game Juice is world’s first and only cleaning solution for video games.  We support the preservation and history of our industry and do everything we can to help keep it safe and healthy.  That means stopping the spit from getting into your cartridges.
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After years of gaming and growing up in the 1980’s, creator of Game Juice Ted Edwards had this very thought.  In 1976 the game cartridge as we know it was born and not long after, a myth, while having short term anecdotal success propagated through the video game world.


This epidemic spread quickly and promised to wreak havoc on the maintenance and preservation efforts of hardware 30 years in the future.  We’re talking of course about blowing in cartridges.

Blowing in cartridges is just what you did back then.  We’re not sure who the first person to do this was or what crossed their mind, but it was an unfortunate technique utilized to get cartridge connections to function. 

The damage has been done and it’s time to end this plague once and for all.  As the years have gone on, a few people realized that this was not the way to go and DIY remedies for cleaning aging game cartridges have popped up all over the internet.  Many work fine, but there was still no definitive solution or dedicated product for cleaning cartridges.

Seeing this void and possessing a background in science and chemistry, Ted started work on developing a cleaning product that was specifically designed for gaming hardware. 

He wanted it to be universally applicable to all types of cartridges that both cleaned and assisted in the preservation of games for future generations. 

After helping a friend at a video game store clean over 800 NES cartridges in one sitting, Ted had enough and this fueled the push for his endeavor.  He formulated and tested his new creation for nearly 3 years to create the perfect solution.  Out of the pixelated ashes, Game Juice was born.

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