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  • How often should I use Game Juice?
    We highly recommend cleaning all your games before putting them in your system. Some of these games are decades old and have grime and oxidation that is not always visible to the eye. Eventually dirty games will stop your console from working or they will cease to work themselves. Use Game Juice before and after each use. This extends the life of your cartridge and prevents the build-up of grime and the oxidation process. “Spray before you play.” Use as a maintenance product Use as a preservation product Clean before extended storage If you don’t plan on playing your game for a while, you must clean and dry BEFORE storage. This will slow down the corrosion reaction and preserves your games. Clean every 2-3 months when stored
  • How do I use Game Juice?
    Game Juice is as easy as these steps: 1. Apply Game Juice via spray or dropper bottle 2. Clean with Q-Tip or cotton swab 3. Dry with fresh Q-Tip or cotton swab 4. ENJOY YOUR GAME For a video tutorial visit our HOW TO page.
  • How does Game Juice work?
    Game Juice works specifically with the types of oxidation and wear that occur with the metal alloys used in video game cartridges and system connectors. The Game Juice proprietary specially designed formula keeps games working and preserves them for future playing and enjoyment.
  • Who is Game Juice for?
    Game Juice is for everyone in retro gaming: General Use and Daily Maintenance – Keeping your games working Large Collections and Preservation – Video Game Museums and Collectors Resale and Retailers – Game Stores, Sellers and Resellers
  • Which cartridges does Game Juice clean?
    Game Juice is designed to work on ALL, yes all game cartridges including with modern day consoles such as the Nintendo Switch! Game Juice cleans NES, Atari, Genesis, N64, SNES, NEO GEO and MORE! CHECK OUT THE LIST
  • I've always used other methods, why should I use Game Juice?"
    Game Juice is the world’s first and only cleaning solution specifically designed for video games. Proprietary specially designed formula Fast drying Non-corrosive Non-residue forming Easy to use DIY remedies such as isopropyl alcolohol and Brasso work fine, but Game Juice works better!
  • What safety precautions should I take when using Game Juice?
    Game Juice is a chemical, though relatively benign caution should be taken in all instances where it is used. Consult the GAME JUICE - Chemical Saftey and First Aid Measuresdocument for detailed information.
  • What are your shipping and return policies?
    SHIPPING Standard Shipping We generally process orders 24-48 hours after purchase. Standard shipping is 3-5 business days after processing. Shipping rates range from $4.99 - $8.99 depending on the quantity of product ordered. We ship to the contiguous 48 US states at this time. Canadian customers Orders with destinations in Canada are fulfilled by Island Retro c/o 9548505 Canada Ltd. ( Shipping rates are dependent upon Canada Post real-time rate calculations. For shipping questions in Canada after ordering, contact Island Retro c/o 9548505 Canada Ltd. ( REFUNDS and RETURNS Refunds are available within 24 HOURS of purchase. After this period, ALL SALES ARE FINAL and NO RETURNS are accepted. If the product appears defective: We must be notified within 2 days of receiving the product as denoted by the tracking delivery date. Contact us at ( and include: A detailed description Photo evidence of the defective product(s) We will review your case and your eligibility for a replacement product and notify you accordingly. Buyer is responsible for the shipping of replacement products.
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