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Build, Submit, Watch, WIN!




July 13, @ 5pm PST

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Level Builders WANTED!

Calling all gamers, Mario fans and anyone who likes fun! We are proud to announce a new open community challenge featuring the hottest new game in town – Mario Maker 2! 
This community event, hosted by Tedator (@tedwards44 / @tedator_) and TheNintenDoc (@theNinteDoc), allows your imaginations to shine by submitting your BEST Super Mario Maker 2 levels for us to play!  We are accepting submissions in two categories:
  1. Best Designed Level - For all of you architects, designers and artists out there.
  2. Most Difficult - For those of you who like it a little spicy and like challenge (but fun) platforming and puzzle solving elements.
Sponsored by Game Juice, Island Retro and Video Games Monthly – you can expect a lot of laughs, witty banter and countless prizes to be won as you vote for your favorites and watch our platforming prowess be put to the test!  Join us on July 13th @ 5pm PST for our live stream ( as we kick off the festivities with giveaways, guest judges/appearances from your favorite IGers and more!  
It’s time to get those creative juices flowing! Submit your best levels, win some great prizes and most importantly of all have fun with us while building a positive community! Sign up and submit those levels now through July 12 @ 11:59 pm PST!  
Submit here: or click the buttons above or below.
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Contest Rules

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  • GENERAL ENTRY INFORMATION - Detailed information HERE

    • Entry is FREE

    • Must provide fully completed form

    • Levels must be your own creation

    • There are 2 categories of entries available

      • Best Designed

      • Most Difficult

    • There is a 2-submission limit per participant, per category 

      • Maximum of 4 total submissions

    • Must be different level styles if within the same category


  • “Most Difficult” Category

    • Difficult Definition:  “Needing much effort or skill to accomplish.”

    • What we will accept:  

      • Levels that test our platforming skills

      • Levels that test our puzzle solving skills

      • Levels that test a combination of both


    • What we will NOT accept - We repeat - NO TROLL LEVELS

      • We reserve the absolute discretion to disqualify a level that we feel meets any one of, but not limited to the following criteria:

        • ie, levels with hidden blocks that are impossible to find

        • invisible block jumps

        • instant death areas

        • levels that are deliberately convoluted

        • Surprise thwomps from off screen

        • Any levels that are simply obnoxious or annoying

    • Prizes will be awarded to the winners based on the ability of our hosts to clear the level in a timely manner.

  • “Best Designed” Category

    • Prizes will be awarded to the winners based on a majority vote by the audience present during and leading up to the live stream.

    • In the event of a stale-mate, the tie will be broken by means of a unanimous vote at our sole discretion.

  • Winners Must be present to claim prizes during the stream

    • Live Stream starts Saturday July 13, 2019 from 5:00 pm


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Sponsored By:
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2019.07.13 - Mario Maker Challenge WIN -
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