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Stand Up Edition - Game Juice 2 oz Spray Bottle

STAND UP EDITION 2oz Spray Bottle 


Profits go to supporting minorities and ending systemic racism in our world.


Now is the time to simply bring change to the world.  We must do this together.  No longer will our voices and pleas go unheard.  No longer will we tolerate discrimination because that’s just the way things are.  I hope you will join everyone in this quest to make our world a safer and better place. 



   Inventor and CEO of Game Juice


Profits go to programs benefiting minorities and ending systemic racism


Finally a retro cleaning product that doesn't blow!

Our premium cleaning product in a 2 oz. spray bottle made for cleaning games and consoles, quickly, thoroughly and with ease. Great for everyday use.


Clean your Games,

Play your Games,

Preserve your Games.

Stand Up Edition - Game Juice 2 oz Spray Bottle

  • Game Juice is world’s first and only cleaning solution specifically designed for video games!  Our premium cleaning formula keeps games working and preserves them for future playing and enjoyment.


    Preserve your games for generations by helping to protect them from:


    • Spit

    • Dirt

    • Grime

    • Crud

    • Gunk

    • oh yeah...and Corrosion!


    It's highly recommend cleaning all your games before putting them in your system. Some of these games are decades old and have grime and oxidation that is not always visible to the eye. Eventually dirty games will stop your console from working.


    *Product is flammable and may cause skin, eye irritation if it comes into contact.  For external use only.  Not to be ingested.  May be harmful if inhaled during extreme prolonged exposures.  Do not use the product in any other way than intended.  Keep away from children.

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